Players Kit

Gone are the days when we would run out onto the field in a rag tag set of old Hornsby seniors jerseys, as part of forming an official golden oldies team we have designed a great new playing kit!

Working with Try Time Rugby  (providers of the playing gear and merchandise for both the Hornsby Senior & Junior clubs), you will be able to order & pay for your kit online which will take approx 3-4weeks to be produced. This will then be delivered to the club where we will provide them to players at the next scheduled game (if timeframes align).


Each player will need to purchase their own kit for $100 (yours to keep) which includes the following:

  • Busted Lions Subliminated Rugby Jersey -  2 way stretch polyester, with your personalised choice of name (or nick name) on the back and number.
  • Busted Lions rugby Shorts - modern lightweight design with the strenght of traditional cotton shorts, these are very comfortable and enable great movement.
  • Busted Lions  Rugby Socks - in tradtional Hornsby Black, Red & Gold stripes.


As you can see from the photo's the jerseys look great - keeping with the general style of the club but with a moden feel.

To order your kit, simply click on the link below and follow the prompts - be sure to check the online sizing guides. For convenience, we have included one for the jersey & shorts below:



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